My Friends…

And so our ways depart.

You have followed me over half of the world,

Or should I say you two?

Protecting my left and right,

From stone and gum.

Keeping me warm and dry.

From mud and water.

Gave me hold on the worst grounds.

From mountains and roads.

But now you two are broken.

Your brown skins are withered,

Ripped apart,

Used down to a paper-thin base.

I am sorry my friends,

You have to depart now without me.

But worry not!

The two feet you protected,

Will be replaced by newer brothers.

My friends,




I wish you farewell.


2 thoughts on “My Friends…”

    1. 😀 thank you for the comment!
      I am happy you liked my poem. Yes, the idea was that perhaps shoes are more than only items we use and then throw away.
      At the same time, if you would replace the shoes with actual people, as the beginning of the poem might suggest, the poem takes a whole new meaning and questions the society we live in 😉


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