Praise Poem?

School how you have fulfilled my life with joy!

How I miss the times, I carried my dictionaries on my small broken back

How I loved to return home with pages of homework to test my brain
How I loved to the, see the black and white instead of the colors outside.

How I refused to see the newest shows on tv how dare they disturb my joy?

How I love the marks, I got for my hard work!

How teachers and professors loved my understanding of the world!

How they shared the same culture I was born, always up to par with the world.

How I was exposed to the justified stress and pressure to perform better.

How I loved the drama back at home,

How I slept well during the week,

How I feared for my future,

How I miss you, school!

How I praise your well doing to my life

My future

My personality

How I am missing you

How I hope you will burn!

In the bright light of wisdom,

How I hope children and students will love your touch of love!

How I praise you my beloved past!

How sad I am I will never see you again.


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