Small insight

Here a small insight of “The Inquisitor” I hope you will like it!

As I opened the door I was surprised to see that Melek had been more active than I thought he would be. Throughout the room even more parchments and books lay opened and littered the floor. Where did he get all these I wondered? Had he plundered a convent’s library or what? Normally books were rare and only nobles or very rich men were able to collect them. Had the old count such a collection? Amazed I picked up one of the books from the floor. It was a kind of notebook. Was is Melek who had written it? I opened it. The illustrations and drawings were amazing, the handwriting clear and legible. It was written in Latin and I was flabbergasted at how he had analyzed, described and drawn the human body. He had illustrated the human eye through different angles, drawn the system of muscles attaching it and many more details. I was unable to believe that the human body looked like that from the inside.

I was fascinated but before I was able to look further into his writing, I heard Melek saying:

“And Inquisitor, found something heretic?” He just had entered the room.

“Not for me Melek…” I answered, still holding his work in my hands. I added “Sure there are people who would consider these drawings as something outrageous. God has created Man out of mud as we all know but I find it much more fascinating if God had created the human body in a so detailed… so difficult…” I wasn’t able to grab the words to express my astonishment.

“Yes, isn’t it? How amazing the human body is. So many details…” he paused for a moment to look down at his work “so complicated…” and before he continued he seemed to think if what would follow were his own words “… to create something so complex and yet still fragile and weak. I wonder how God was able to create such formidable work” said Melek in wonders and happy that he was able to speak about something he was fond of.

He even hadn’t notice Darius presence. I smiled.

“You will not become religious now, would you?” and he laughed. It was the first time I felt that even though we were so different in our ways of thinking, beliefs and our origins, we had something in common. We were still amazed of what surrounded us, may it be religious or not. We were both curious.

“New apprentice? “Melek grinned, waving at Darius.

”Sort of “I replied curtly.

“He is a bit young to be an apprentice“ Melek remarked.

“Yes, he is – but God has his own ways – His name is Darius by the way, and he is an orphan”

“Oh” Melek smiled “The inquisitor has a soft spot” I flashed my eyes at him. “Just joking” Melek added. I let it go because it was now more important to be on good terms with Melek as I needed his help. So I changed the subject.

“We should begin to talk to the refugees in the castle perhaps someone can give us a clue or give us information” and walked over to the door.

“Yes, that’s also my thinking. People confide in you, Inquisitor. I’m the Infidel so I’ll listen and take notes – agreed? ”

“Pf” I mumbled. Before we left the room, he picked up a leather bag in the corner, which he seemed to have prepared last night.

When we got to the main hall and the staircase, we saw that people had gathered in front of Lord Rinoel’s lodgings. Lord Rinoel’s guards were nervous, weapons at the ready. When we tried to reach the door to Rinoel’s rooms, we saw why those people had gathered there. It was evident that they were not only exhausted from their escape from the village but also, as I had already noticed yesterday, starving.



I wanted to share with you my prologue of the Inquisitor!
I hope you will like it:

When fire burns your skin and when ice is freezing your senses you know that you are alive but what are you when you don’t feel anything anymore?

It was a dark night and lightning broke the sky like scars.

Even though the peasants would normally stay at home on such a night, they now stood in the marketplace. Fearful and disgusted, some of them were holding torches to enlighten the scenery offering to them; others were holding their children close so that they couldn’t see what was going on pushing their heads against their bodies. The Eldest was standing in front of everybody, shivering, not because of the cold, but rather because of the fear, growing inside of him, slowly… like a snake entering the mist and working its way through to find the mouse hiding in it.

The tree, in the middle of the village, a holy place for the villagers, now, had six children, pinned to it. The tree became a symbol of fear and death instead of hope and protection. Blood flowed down to the ground, creating black puddles that seemed to absorb the light of the lightning that sometimes broke the sky. On the forehead of each dead body was engraved an old rune of unknown power.

« Burn it » said the Eldest with a shaking voice, while holding firmly to a small cross around his neck.

Without hesitation the people threw, their torches to the bottom of the tree.

As the fire grew higher, the old wood ached like screams of thousands souls. Then, the child in the middle, nailed to the tree, opened his red burning eyes and screamed in an inhuman voice « No one shall live, no one shall die, I will come back as time goes by! »

The villagers screamed out in fear and the children began to cry.

« We have to call for help. » said a man next to the Eldest,

« Yes, I know, but till help arrives we will all be dead… » answered the Eldest slowly and turned his eyes away from the fire.


Inquisitor is a book I am working on…
The story follows an Inquisitor on his quest to uncover dark magic that seems to haunt the small county in Germany.
The whole book will have elements of true facts twisted to a fantastic, surreal story. Divided into 7 chapters playing with the idea of the seven deadly sins, which will have an appearance inside of the book.
I will upload bits and pieces so you can tune in, in the creation of this first book I hope to finish soon.