Dead Alive

Dead Alive is progressing well. I was able to finish a tremendous amount of work: Without any layout nor pictures I am already around 80 pages! I am surprised how much I was able to write all alone on a rulebook! I can promise you I was never a huge fan of reading these, and I hope I can make it as interesting as possible… Don’t want to produce another dry piece of rulesets.
I will see to it that I can create a public version for all the people interested. There will be some parts missing, but it should be enough to play with your friends and get a glimpse of how the game works and feels!


LionTop Games

Hey, Readers!
Some might know that I am working on a Tabletop RPG called Dead Alive, but for those who didn’t know here what it is about:
Dead Alive can be compared with Dungeons and Dragons! If you still need some help, don’t worry! I am here to try my best to explain it to you!
Dead Alive (DA for short) is a game for 3-4 Players. One will be the Zombie Master (or the story teller). He will create a world filled with monsters, raiders and zombies. With your friends, you will create a team of survivors and try to survive the apocalypse! To do so, several dices are used and each time you plan to run, jump, fight and survive you have to get these dices rolling.

What makes this game unique?
– I have added a new hit protection system
– The Huge crafting system specially made to survive the upcoming end times.
– Zombie Creation Kit for all the extra hard working Zombie Masters out there.
– 4 Ways to die in the game
– Unique level-up system
– Still a challenge even after playing a long time
– Upgradeable cars in MadMax style
– Durability for all weapons and equipment

I have been working on this game for several years and I hope to soon be able to publish it through Kickstarter…
I am still looking for an Artist that might help me out with a layout and some art.