The galaxy behind the eyes.

The galaxy behind the eyes is the future of everyones lives. In the deepest of nights or when you are alone and cry, remember that the inner light of a thousands of stars never dies.
It is the power that makes people love and care for you. As long as you do not pull the curtain you can be certain that you have the power to succeed in any hardship.


The Light in the Dark

In the dark i bath my past in holy water.
You are the light that bound my heart.
Your eyes bright as stars clean my soul once torn apart.
your presence is like glittering water pearls of hope and happiness.
I so direly needed in my dark world of curled loath and sadness.


I was once the king of kings, a god for many and I was feared and loved and a face on every penny. But now I lay in dust, my tales written on paper, but answered by cold minds filled with boredom and silence. Mortal I still was and mortal we all are and as such our actions are nothing but the empty words of monotone historians and teachers. Our actions are a footnote of a too expensive book in an online store, in the mist of thousands of books untouched and unread. As such I wonder was it worth to be the king of all kings, a god of many? Maybe it was for my own achievement, but for the people you are only another line in a history book to be learned for the upcoming test.

Life and Death

John was born, and the parents smiled at his rosy flesh. “Face so young, free of worries,” the father whispered, “you will learn more than I ever did and you will be freer than we ever could be.”
John went to school to be chained by duties and rules. He learned that grades are the gates to a better future. As such he listened to the doctrinal words of the teacher and the lies in the books. How can written facts be wrong? The rosy freshness has long gone.
John had a job, and he was chained to his desk. The monotone glimmer, the shimmer of electronics, in the corner of his eyes hidden behind the piles of work, towering on the right and left of his sight. The boss enters and smiles.
“Freedom lies in money and money is earned with hard work,” putting more documents on top of already older documents. “A new PC will arrive soon so that more work can be asked of you”, said the snake tongue. The skin has turned pale and grey and became not better after every passing day.
John lies now dead in his grave. Freedom he has finally reached. Peace he can at last embrace. No work, no laws, no worries when the dead rest their eyes and minds. A soft smile on the lips as his soul unchained travels to a better world.


People that feel offended for others,
People that scream racism and sexism for others,
Must be sad people.
They care more about others then themselves,
They know everything and everyone better then themselves,
They are so sad that i feel like i need to be sad for them.
I feel like i need to tell them what to think,
What to do,
What to say…
Doesn’t that make me a sad person too?

Comments by readers on Facebook:

  1. Ben who feels sad for sad people
    Must be a sad person.
    He cares about what others shouldn’t feel and think,
    He thinks he knows how sad that could be so that makes me sad that he feels that way.
    Now I feel like i need to tell him what to think,
    What to do,
    What to say…
    Doesn’t that make me a sad person too?
  2. Peter who feels sad for Ben being sad for sad people, must be a sad person.
    She cares about what Ben thinks about what other people say and feel about others, which makes him sad for them. She thinks that she now needs to be sad for him, and needs to tell him what to think, to do, to say so that he won’t be sad for other people anymore.
    Now, I feel sad for her being sad for Ben, who is being sad for sad people.
    Am I a sad person now too?

The Dark Well

Sometimes you have to look down a dark well.
See your broken reflection,
shimmering on the brown water.
Scream your name and hear the echo.
Now look at life.
A dark hole dragging you down, reflecting a distorted image of yourself and throwing back at you what you threw in.
Think twice before you act or this dark harmless pit, will be your endless doom.