Sadly there will be a downtime until I have all my exams behind me. But I will re-upload as soon as I can!
Thank you for your support and follows!


Thank you

Many started to follow me, and I wanted to thank you all! 🙂
I am open to any feedback, so feel free to post comments and let me know what you like and dislike 😉
I wish you all wonderful holiday!


Hey, readers!

I know it is not Monday yet, but I felt like writing to you…

Yes, you my readers!

As I am at the moment studying creative writing one of my jobs now is to analyze and write poems. Sounds good no? Well, I am horrible in poems! I mean I can write rhymes, and they are not half bad, but all of them are full rhymes…

I have to adapt now, and it is not as easy as I thought it would be. Firstly English is my fourth language and secondly, I am not a huge fan of poems where there is no obvious rhyme… If it makes any sense.

Either way, I decided to upload some of my older poems and rhymes mixed with the ones I have to write for university. I hope you will like them, or not.

Dead Alive

Dead Alive is progressing well. I was able to finish a tremendous amount of work: Without any layout nor pictures I am already around 80 pages! I am surprised how much I was able to write all alone on a rulebook! I can promise you I was never a huge fan of reading these, and I hope I can make it as interesting as possible… Don’t want to produce another dry piece of rulesets.
I will see to it that I can create a public version for all the people interested. There will be some parts missing, but it should be enough to play with your friends and get a glimpse of how the game works and feels!